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 Church Street Closure

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PostSubject: Church Street Closure   Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:09 pm

Although not part of Ivybridge,the effects of this decision on residents is a
complete disaster.
1- Much longer journey times along Twickenham Road. Causing being late
  for appointments and work.
2- Ambulance & Fire Service being impeded by the congestion - putting lives at risk.
3- Increase in pollution due to extra traffic on the Twickenham Road putting the
  health of our children attending schools on this route and older local residents
  at risk.
4-Frustration of drivers stuck in extra traffic causing more risk of road accidents.
Also a number of local business's are considering moving out of the area due to
this decision
Now and every time you are by this closure complain to Hounslow Council.
Email your complaint to churchstreet@hounslow.gov.uk copied to

Watch out for and join in future protest marches being arranged.

Come on Councillors reverse this Stupid decision NOW - You know it makes sense.

Thank You
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Church Street Closure
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